Whilst walking on Carningli , thinking of Helen

This poem was written in 2003, and, like a lot of the poems of the last 12 years or so, was inspired by Helen. Carningli (The Mountain of Angels) is the mountain which lies behind Penrallt Farm and it is an awe inspiring and ancient place. I love to walk there, more than pretty much anywhere else I have ever been. And I love getting home too….



Crowns the bay

As I stare hard

On this perfect summer’s day

At the blue-green world

Yawning beneath me.

Gasping to the top

I clasp at stone

And lay a new gift –

A blessing, ordered to complement

My bent –pin wishing well thoughts –

Atop the gathering cairn.

Rested, renewed,

My legs construed

To return me to you

And your melon scented kisses.

You – the jewel

In my Carningli crown.


3 Comments on “Whilst walking on Carningli , thinking of Helen”

  1. habibe says:

    Another beautiful poem and a beautiful picture to go with it. Lucky Helen!


  2. stew1e says:

    Impressive photo – and poem to match!


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