What God might think….

What (maybe) God (might) think of the world.

 “how odd”

thought God –

“ a programme about something

which many of them do not believe to be here”,

and switched to BBC 2

and poured a metaphysical pint of beer.

 “Hmmm …a curious mix of sceptics

and the very devout…

and that young man, Vine?

whilst hardly divine, certainly seems devoted;

wonder how the punters voted?”

and so sat waiting , for a sign.

 “That’s me,

on the TV –


and nothing at all,

beginning and end,

a blessing, a curse,

and sometimes – in my name – (which is?)

something infinitely worse.





Hotel room reading

and sometimes the trash can.

Prayers, prayers and more prayers,


and holy folk

eternally splitting hairs.”

And so sat back, and wept a little, for such cares.

 “ News? I’ve heard it all before.

Ought to show them the eternal door!

Always fretting over the Great Question :

Oh! Why, oh why?

Well, I’m not waiting

on all your debating.

The only advice I can give


whether I may be,

do or do not live, is,

that you would be wise to keep me in mind.”

And so sat up, and flipped channels to Sky.


One Comment on “What God might think….”

  1. This is great, funny and apt!


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