Weekend weather report (Tobago)

Caribbean cock crow morning.


split the never silent night

cheeping and chattering

as the deepening dawn sets in.

Alongside the sea

chocolate milkshake silvered

sighing onto the beach

palm trees have shed coconut husks

which lurk, frustratingly beyond surf’s reach.

Trumpet treed, mimosad too,

a beady eyed chicken struts past,

dogs and humming birds

have oh! so very much to do.

There’s a pink flushed cloud ahead of me

a Barbie dolled sky to cheer

yesterday’s rain away

and, monsoon free,

the weekend is left to us

loud, and clear.


4 Comments on “Weekend weather report (Tobago)”

  1. I LOVE this. Wish I was there right now.


  2. stew1e says:

    Like it. Hits you like a Rum Punch!


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