On Saturday 10th November, a much loved friend died.




No need now to leopard crawl around the kitchen

Whilst making breakfast tea

Trying to avoid your scrutiny and strident summons

No longer the ritual of twice daily feeds

The sweet smell of pony nuts and alfalfa

The dusty musk of hay

The quickening clip up the field as you hurried for your commons

The chopping of bulk bought carrots

No more satisfying your imperious demands and needs.

No need now to stifle the taste of medicines

In a black treacle sugar bomb

No call for grooming, for brush, for curry comb.

Who will keep the pheasant company now?

How will magpies gather horse hair for the nest?

Gone, the gentle push of mossy muzzle,

The warm whickers at the gate

The chance to chat to you in your shelter

To even practice salsa dance steps (to your surprise)

To witness sunset, sunrise

And the twilight thrills of these star dark skies.

Gone the fearsome rat stamping hooves

The pony roll amongst spring grass and orchids

The occasional frantic field wide gallop

One eye always on the 5 bar gate

Ever ready for escape.

Yesterday, I found you mounded

Fallen, your body a still living boulder

But collapsed on the brackened, brambled floor.

Blanketed, soothed, then sedated,

I stroked your face as you nickered

Panicked, wheezed and rattled

Then calmed, relaxed, got settled.

The vet came, and sent you peace – ward

And now, we’ll go a waltzing with Matilda

No more.