Future plans

Hello friends – this is to say a big thank you for having chosen to follow this blog – I really appreciate it – and to wish you a very Happy Christmas/festive time and a peaceful and enriching new year.

My plans for the early part of next year are to tell the story of meeting my sister Lydia and also to publish the poems that she has shared with me, written by our father. It is, I promise you, a good story (and a happy one) and I believe the poems are quite special and deserve an audience – see what you think.

Meantime take good care, safe travel if you’re off somewhere for the holidays and thanks for following the marcistagenda!

lament for Byron – a good Welshman, an adventurer, a champion of his community and great friend to my family

Lament for Byron
 Always called me ‘bach’ you did
 Asked for Helen, Rosemary, the pony too.
 Knew all and everyone you did,
 No ignoring folks for you.
 Rumbled down the lane on your vintage tractor,
 Always the offer of a trailer,
 A helping hand.

 Stewarded friend’s houses
 Bought ponies with Derek
 Laid water pipes,
 Upturned baths for thirsty creatures,
 Understood this land.

 Knew Newport and cared for it too.
 Hobnobbed with the Lady Marcher,
 Presided over the Court Leet,
 The Town Council.
 Always generous with the meet and greet.
 Bothered about it all, and us,
 Did you.

 Your passing leaves us, diminished.
 A certain wisdom, finished.
 A mighty memory
 Resplendent, red robed
 And not to be ignored.

 We made you Mayor,
 High praise indeed, but, really,
 You should have been
 a Lord.