One about being at home – a contrast to hotel living

5:30 a.m.
still wishing to drift
fumble minded
back to sleep
our hands
across the duckdown folds
of the dawning bed
birds are calling
the now waning moon
we stroke one another
slide together
a human spoon
warmth,safety, security
all in rich measure
springing dawn mornings
to treasure

One about hotels

A man upstairs
in the room above,
The floorboards porcelain thin.
He appears to be
talking on the telephone,
phoning home?
it’s 3:17 a.m.
There is birdsong too,
confused by lamplight.
At 4:00 a.m.
someone is padding about
outside my door.
At 4:40 a.m.
I make tea
a cup of Tranquility
(sweet irony)
My friend, above,
is snoring

St Davids Day – my angels were singing

Latest photos (Jan 2013) 006

My angels were singing : a poem for St David’s Day (I have shared this with friends before but hope it bears revisiting)


Concocted over a few spring like days, out walking the dogs, watching the birds, and thinking of those who have died : Derek, who loved Pembrokeshire and rode on Carningli most days, and also of my grandparents (and others), who do – I believe – watch over me.

I stood near the house

where Grace once lived,

My angels were singing.

I watched as birds

and daffodils dived.

My angels were singing.

It’s spring and the sun

bursts fat and alive.

And my angels were singing.

Old crow, silhouetted against Carningli rock,

purple shadowed on blackened burnt bracken,

gorse and heather reeling :

the after shock.

But my angels were singing, still.

As seagulls wheeled across the bay,

catching sea breezes,

tumbling at will.

The Irish Sea lies beneath

becalmed and silvered blue,

and my angels were singing.

Wales’ favourite saint remembered

the new season breaks forth, springing,

flowers dancing, church bells – ringing.

His angels – singing.

Seasons, people, live and die,

here and now is for the living.

But remember those you love or loved –

do try.

And let your angels be singing.

Let your angels be singing.




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