Rewarded by dolphins – Happy St Patrick’s Day and a sincere thank you to those friends out there who have started (or continued ) to follow my blog – this is for you!

THE PAINTING BELOW IS BY THE MULTI TALENTED HELEN CAREY – see http://www.helencareybooks for her equally brilliant writing (including Slick Deals, a romantic, suspenseful novel about the possibility of oil exploration in the Irish Sea)




And what does a birthday bring?

A child being sick, before we even leave the harbour

(making my breakfast somewhat uneasy!)

a memory of Ireland,

old faces, and ancient places,

ice cream and cold Guinness,

and a beach, thick with shells

drummed by racing horses –

beyond the beach where Jackie stayed

after they stole her Jack away.

And what does a birthday bring?

Cold hands in a strengthening wind,

and seabirds coasting the breakneck waves.

And I’ve a new, blue hat.

And 5, yes 5, dolphins, breaking out of the blue.

Leaping,skimming and arching,

spelling out something new to come.

And I am rewarded by dolphins.

SPRING DRIVEN THING (written last weekend, before it got a bit nippy again!

Dogs in woods

Spring driven thing


It’s a spring like day

And we are walking

Three dogs, you and I

In Pengelly woods

Marvelling at the cathedral of trees

Stepping through the quickening stems of wild garlic and of Bluebells, pushing up promises


There’s a rough bench to rest on

And the chance to sit

Watching the stream slip by

Calling out its spring time song

Water music for the ear

Greened bark and worsened stone

Go gently on the eye


We talk, you’re writing once more

A matter of delight

Whilst spring adopts its rites alike

We recommence our Sunday hike

Kicking up a storm of last year’s leaf fall

Marshmallowed moulded woodland floor

Winter slowly shrinking back

As the new season slides through the quietly opening door.