Catching the Number 33

Some small rebellion took place
in the crocodile of tiny children
winding past me
a primary school parade.

“Is this the right side for Milton Keynes?”
Mrs Wheeler, she’ll know”

The crocodile placed on hold
Mrs Wheeler confirms that
it is so.

Meantime, Susan and Darren are told off for
“letting go of your partner”
The command to resume connection is given
crisp, but not unkind.
and the children snake off
into the mornings blinding sun.
Leaving me, cloud breathed alone
waiting on the Number 33
to Milton Keynes.
And I have got
Jimmy Webb’s music
running rich and wild
within my veins.

2 Comments on “Catching the Number 33”

  1. stew1e says:

    Nice, subtle poem, Marc. I’m a Jimmy Webb lover, too. “Wichitaw Lineman” one of my all-time faves!


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