Hymn to Greece : At Milapotomos. #1

At Milapotomos
you swam
brown skinned and blonde hair
the deep fissured, blue veined water
and you rose
cleansed of salt and sand
pooling our emotion.

Surely some latter day Aphrodite?
If not
her daughter.

2 Comments on “Hymn to Greece : At Milapotomos. #1”

  1. joymoore123 says:

    Lovely Marc. Does this mean you have been back to Kythira? One day there should be a reunion……..


    • hello Joy – sorry for the delay in replying we have been away for a birthday weekend (54 this Sunday – eek!!) which was lovely..sadly not been to Kythira for ages but am gradually working through a back catalogue of the last few years..plus some new ones!Hope that you are both flourishing – bet the weather is nicer with you than it is here? we are still nurturing dreams of along sojourn in Italy as and when circumstances allow – Helen very good at speaking Italian now and I am practicing my cooking!! A reunion in K would be good, someday our prince will come!! love Marc and Helen too xx


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