Three words poem

Sometimes, when I
am sure that
you are sleeping
deeply, I lie
in the blanketed
calm of the
huge bed we
share and I
whisper the three
words poem against
your strong back,
and let it
traverse your spine
and, I hope,
it then lies
sublime, within your
sub consciousness and
the three words
flutter through to
your lazily sleep
beating heart, so
that, when you
start your new
day, each one
an adventure, I
trust, you will
feel enveloped, protected,
as so you
must, by the
spirit which developed
over these glorious
years, months and
days. And now
my three word
poem, amaze, revel,
cherish, adore and
again, I say

5 Comments on “Three words poem”

  1. Just found this lovely poem. I like its directness and its strong feeling. W


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