September song(#1) for you

A sunny September day
The train has whisked me away
To do my duty
In search of booty
Already the summer
Seems a ghost
A whispered sunlit kiss
A glimpse of bliss
Now beached, becalmed and boat house stowed
At most.

A friend died
The oyster catchers cried
Sandcastles were constructed
Surfboards, golf clubs, wet suits were duly dusted
And winters sullen cough was
By sunlightened lungs

Other friends came and stayed
House martins roosted
Rabbit numbers were flagrantly boosted
As swallows caroused and played
And wrens gave way to bullfinch
And fruit, flower and grumbling vegetables
Were seeded, weeded
Duly doused
And pies and sauces made.

The side swiped fields are fat with harvest promise now
School, work and other such tyranny
Reels us in
And how.
Some such aspects might drain me
But ultimately the song of summer
Remains, a snapshot in the mind
A storehouse of gold, albeit in kind
To warm, feed, sustain me.

September song (#2)

September song #2 ( for you)
> Harvest gold fields fractured by
> The cloud greyed green trees
> A small posse of piebald ponies
> Forlorn in the autumn mist and rain
> The train fleeing westward
> And me?
> I am gladly
> homeward bound

My Carningli Queen

Latest photos (Jan 2013) 006

Crowns the bay
As I stare hard
On this perfect summer’s day
At the blue-green world
Yawning beneath me.
Gasping to the top
I clasp at stone
And lay a new gift –
A blessing, ordered to complement
My bent –pin wishing well thoughts –
Atop the gathering cairn.
Rested, renewed,
My legs construed
To return me to you
And your melon scented kisses.
You – the jewel
In my Carningli crown.