Winter Solstice 2015 – for those we love, both home and (far) away.

I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read these poems and to follow this blog – it is much appreciated by me. And – on the Winter Solstice – and with holidays approaching ; here is the slightest of gifts by way of a thank you. If you celebrate Christmas, enjoy, and if you do not, likewise. And all good things for you and yours in 2016. Take care out there.

  1. IMG_0297WALKING

The paths are mud slides

browned, rain bombed bracken

and a grassy soup to walk on.

Small stones, jagged shark’s teeth

submerged underneath

a swirling, relentless maelstrom.

But, just for a while,

Carningli is kinder today,

a watery sunlight underway,

and a ghosted moon, cloud slipped,

the sky a silvered duvet.

And so we three, slithered, mooched

occasionally tripped,

on this, the shortest day.



Night has fallen now,

the storm pillows above, ready to rehearse

the current seasons’ lashing curse.

Hey ho! the wind and the rain.

Best behave brightly, for here it comes

oh! yet again.

Tomorrow though,

the light is on the turn,

the days will brighten,

the mood sweeten

and here’s hoping that

many of us will emerge



unbowed, unbeaten.



For others now,

they have passed the point of no return

the Solstice rung, a December dirge,

a sorrowing song across the mountain,

a pausing, pondering reflection

above the cairn.

No chance of reinvention.

Their lights have set now, stilled, extinguished

at least on this side of our universe.

But winter memories are yet distinguished.

And, whilst their candles no longer burn,

for lives well lived,

the memories,

like the Solstice waters flow,

and they are not, nor will be

thus diminished.


21 December 2015.

8 Comments on “Winter Solstice 2015 – for those we love, both home and (far) away.”

  1. Andrew Lea says:

    Merry Christmas Marc, may you and Helen enjoy your festive break.


  2. Briony says:

    Thank-you Marc.
    A Very Happy Christmas and a Special 2016 to you, Helen and your family.
    Lots of love


  3. stew1e says:

    Moving, evocative. . . Thanks for this, Marc.


  4. Absolutely Beautiful,as I read it my heart was full.and my mind reminded of those we have lost this side of Eternity,I felt deeply sad yet truly blessed,thank you.
    June, R, M.


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