Remembered Hills

I don’t recall having been asked to write a poem for a specific occasion before (I did once get asked to read my poetry at a wedding, in what turned out to have been the erstwhile home of Tennyson..I remember thinking that he must have been spinning in his grave!!) – so it was both honouring ,and daunting, to be asked to write for the wedding of two friends. They gave me some key words and I gave them this poem. I hope they like it. And I hope they enjoy long life and great happiness….

Remembered Hills – for Christine and Peter, on your wedding day, 2nd June 2016.

Remembering when,

the hills above Black Patch farm

bore witness to our- breath taking – change of heart.

Dancing beneath the moon

smiling serenely above,

wine swung whirls, tenacious twirls,


‘if music be the food of love:

Play on!’

The snowdrops saw love take hold,

and bluebells nodded sagely in fields,

bounded by lakes,

as we fell forward to one another.

The sea sweetly sighed and sang for us as

we wandered together

beached, sand dusted, hand held to each,

the other, entrusted.

Old Harry Rocks gazed upon

as benignly cliff side gulls

wheeled and whirled apparently,

altogether well disposed as ,

word finely, precise, perceptive

you proposed – and I accepted.



Lake District


magical places sacred spaces.


Here and now we do avow,

remembered hills our testimony,

be still.

Then sing; for love does indeed,

change everything.

Marc Mordey – an absent friend, but with you in spirit. MAY 2016.


2 Comments on “Remembered Hills”

  1. helen carey says:

    So romantic – perfect for a wedding. A beautiful poem.

  2. stew1e says:

    What a lovely poem about love!

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