Undaunted Humankind Kabul, Afghanistan, March, 2016

I love this mans work – there’s poetry in photography too. Hope you enjoy.

Steve McCurry's Blog

“A landscape might be denuded, a human settlement abandoned or lost,
but always, just beneath the ground lies
history of preposterous grandeur. .
They are everywhere, these individuals of undaunted humankind,
irrepressibly optimistic and proud.

– The Carpet Wars, Christopher Kremmer

_DSC9386.JPG, Afghanistan, 03/2016, AFGHN-14855. Retouch_Natalie Piserchio, 06/09/2016

_DSC8137.JPG, Afghanistan, 03/2016, AFGHN-14852 Retouch_Natalie Piserchio, 06/09/2016

_DSC7779.JPG, Afghanistan, 03/2016, AFGHN-14853. Retouched_Natalie Piserchio, 06/09/2016


AFGHN-14859 (1)Life in a war zone means that death is always present in the lives of children and their families.All the elements of life and death are in this picture. Boys and girls, graves, playground equipment, and the mosque, all in the shadow of the neighborhood on a hill in Kabul, Afghanistan.




a_DSC8583.JPG, Afghanistan, 03/2016. NOPSD_DSC5683.JPG, Afghanistan, 03/2016, AFGHN-14840. retouched_Natalie Piserchio 06/08/2016

AFGHN-14850This is Abdul Hadi. He is a teacher in the woodworking school of the Institute of Turquoise Mountain (@turquoisemountain), in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he teaches jali woodwork (latticework). He was a woodworker at the court of the last king of Afghanistan, and then for some 35 years did not have a chance to practice his skills, due to the…

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2 Comments on “Undaunted Humankind Kabul, Afghanistan, March, 2016”

  1. June R Mordey says:

    Thank you for this,how extraordinarily soul searching,in every face in every place,I have signed up to receive it.

  2. Doreen Nicholas says:

    Always a joy to receive, thank you so much. All the poetry is thoughtful and a delight, I wish I had your talent, you are.a gifted couple.

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