Referendum Poem

Referendum poem

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” (attributed to Winston Churchill)

Sunday – a rainy day in late June,2016.



The dust is settling,

the leaflets, posters, social media messages, badges

are tumbling forlorn, misspent

nose diving through the ether and the recycling bins.

A nation where a joyful, 52 per cent,

celebrate the gift, apparently,

heaven sent.

(Though there’s future hell to be raised,

in Parliament).




This referendum now

as ever they were

an unwieldy hammer

to the half split nail

of popular thought

and the nation’s been sold

a blunt and dulling, instrument.




” the people spoke”

(though with only half a voice,

and, a quarter besides,


no choice).

If you happen to have

your preference


you can “like it or lump it”.

For this outcome,

the, all too slight majority,

must decide.


Depending where, you placed your cross,

join in with,

or tolerate, the triumphant grins,

(though it is hard to joke,

when your breakfast vote

has caused you to choke).

Is there scope to placate?

Or simply the case :

“Get on with it”

“Get over it”

Live with the loss.



Now we all, must wait and see,

the outcome of this heavy handed

dose of democracy.

Yes, perhaps some sovereignty will be restored

European laws – as with some people –

are out,

excluded and forlorn,

can be tossed


“We’ve got our country back”.

Village greens can echo to cricket and cream teas,

warm beer, good cheer, the gentle buzzing of the soporific bees.

Markets can crash, governments fall,

who knows, perhaps,

we’ve instigated the collapse of the European Wall.

And we needn’t worry

about the Great Divide,

the angry voice,

of youth, denied.

And, who needs the Union?

Let it fall to its knees.

For we’ve smashed the bureaucrats

stuffed the fat cats

given the politicians a bloody nose


” It’ll all work out well”

(Nervously spoken, whisper it)

” We suppose? ”



The Leave campaigners, must now

for all of us

do the very best they can.

And we have to be sure

(for these are “conviction politicians”)

that they wouldn’t have got us into

this, “short term” mess,

without a very substantial Plan?



The lines in the sand are drawn

new flags unfurled.

I’ll sit and await

(Europe, still born)

the arrival of this

Brave New World.


Marc Mordey 26 6 16




7 Comments on “Referendum Poem”

  1. Thought provoking Mr Mordey! Still in shock and disbelief here !


  2. Thought provoking Mr Mordey’ still in shock and disbelief here !


  3. Maxine says:

    Fantastic poem. It’s so real, I love it!


  4. helen carey says:

    That’s an amazing poem – and so quickly produced! You definitely ought to be Poet Laureate!


  5. stew1e says:

    Brilliant, Marc! Stanza (5) particularly hits home – my sentiments exactly!


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