Remembrance Sunday

2015-flowers-family-friends-018Remembrance Sunday.

What would you have had us remember?

As you mustered in the trenches,

Around the gun emplacements.

As you hopped into the cockpit

And flung yourself skywards,

Or plumbed the depths

Submerged and submarined?

Should we remember your bravery?

Your mockery? Your cynicism in the face of duty?

Your gut wrenching anxiety,

Your fear, your mortal pain,

As you were killed and wounded,

Again and again and again?


Do the flags, the parades,

The preachers, the cavalcades,

Act as sufficient homage?

Or would peace, justice, equality

Be more deserving of your patronage?


But whichever,

It is true.

We must continue,

To remember you.


For Mr Cohen


“Here at the border the leaves are falling, and you, you are a thousand miles away. But there are always two cups at my table.”

Heartfelt thanks Mr Cohen. I will hold your words close. And sympathy to your family and to your friends.

No more words, not just now.

This photo came from his Facebook page. Shared in good faith.img_0377