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Big news today! My new novel, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET, comes out.

Published by Headline Books in the UK, Europe and Commonwealth, and by TSAP in the USA and some other territories, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET is my fifth Lavender Road novel, and like its predecessors it can be read as a stand alone, or as part of the series.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET is mainly set in London in 1944, and as well as the inevitable problems of war, one of the themes this time is about someone (Louise Rutherford) trying to become a better person. That is never an easy thing to do, especially perhaps in wartime, and when Louise finds that she has to join the ATS, the Women’s section of the British Army, things become even more difficult for her.

I love writing…

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  1. I look forward to reading “The Other Side of the Street”. I am in the middle of “London Calling” at the moment and am enjoying it very much indeed.


    • Hope you enjoy the new one too Jean – assuming you do, Helen would really appreciate a review on Amazon if that is possible. Either way, greetings and thanks for the comment ; sorry for delay in responding, we have been away. Best wishes, Marc


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