Is history repeating itself?

Hello friends of themarcistagenda ; here is an, as always, thought provoking and illuminating post from the Blog of Helen Carey. Whilst it is quite a serious reflection on the state of the world, as ever, Helen manages to inject humour…once you have read, scroll down al the way through to the end of the pictures, to see why!


When I finished writing and editing VICTORY GIRLS, the last of my wartime Lavender Road novels, I realised I could finally emerge from the 1940s. Writing the last three books of the series to my publishers’ tight, one-book-a-year schedule has kept me incredibly busy, and somewhat preoccupied, and it has been quite a delight to be able to re-engage with the real world!
But it is a world worryingly different to the one that I (figuratively) left four years ago. Over the summer we have had about 50 visitors to stay (that’s what happens when I stop writing books!) and I think almost every one of them has in one way or another commented on the general world-wide increase in intolerance, nationalism and xenophobia.
These words ring extra loud alarm bells for me because they are exactly the sentiments that were so prevalent in parts of Europe prior to the…

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One Comment on “Is history repeating itself?”

  1. J.R.Mordey says:

    Helen I have just read your latest blog. Thank you
    I am many years older than you yet recognise the world is changing at a rate I have never known before, and one cannot help but wonder where it will end mainly because what is happening today seems different to anything I have experienced before,could it be because we have enjoyed such a long period of peace in the western world.
    Whatever the reason when one sees the response to what has just happened in America and the courage of a man who lay on top of a young woman to protect her,and many other such jestures I feel there are many more good people than bad, and I continue in Hope of a better future rather than give in to the darkness of the present moment.


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