Modern Times?

It’s Easter Sunday 2018

The train tumbling towards


Sea spray, sandcastles, estuary breath.


The British Bulldog

American Eagle

Russian Bear

Square off

Set to

Diplomatic degeneration

Stains the air

( Trouble, the world over,

Done to death).

But the seabirds

The ragged pastured ponies

The coastline


They don’t care

Where this all is leading

Nor stand

Nor stare.

The Easter mystery

Out there

Magic and loss



We ought to learn from history

( The fuse lit

Flames may burn

Ancient wounds, lingering slights, insults perceived


We need to know

I believe it so

Bested by legend

Let’s not be deceived

Enriched through history

Not governed by it.

One Comment on “Modern Times?”

  1. helen carey says:

    Wonderful poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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