Teabags (in memoriam)



 Late July 

Stuck on a train

Wishing myself elsewhere

I find myself

Caught unawares 



Emptying the cottage of

The final fragments of

Your long life

A teddy bear

In fact 


An address book

Long yellowed and sweated 

Christmas cards 

An alarm clock

Parker pens

Photographs and poetry books

No longer gracing your shelves 

As we delved deeper into 

Long lost cupboards

Light bulbs


An iron, kitchen roll 

Tin foil, chicken soup

We left

Breathlessly sad


As my train journey drags

Here I am

My mind full of the image 

Of the small pottery jar

Stuffed with brown tipped



Rosemary (Blossie) Beazley died on 4th May 2015.  This poem is for her.










4 Comments on “Teabags (in memoriam)”

  1. elizabeth wilson says:

    A life well lived and well loved

    Liked by 1 person

  2. June R Mordey says:

    A time to remember so many years of fellowship with this lovely lady whose face lit up whenever one you met with her.A genuine priviledge to have known her and to have shared many times of fellowship.I will always miss her but know we will meet again.
    Thank you for the lovely Rememberance Poem which briught a lump in my throat and tears,but Happy memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lynne Davis says:

    I really appreciated this, Marc. For my Mum it was 4 little polythene bags full of the edge pieces of long abandoned jig saw puzzles ( ditched because they had no edge pieces!) Lynne


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