Echo Bay.

There’s a small, family gathered stone cairn on the mountain side of Carningli, in West Wales, where we often go to commune with the elders.

Whilst in Crete, we created an echo. We have been staying in a small, serene and very beautiful landscape in a place called Stavros, where the famous scene from Zorba the Greek, when Anthony Quin and Alan Bates dance on the beach, was filmed. We’ve walked along the hillside most days. This poem comes from that place.

Also on this holiday, I read the beautifully crafted, elegiac memoir, ‘Radio Dreams’ , which I recommend to all who have ‘ loved and lost’ (which is, I suppose, pretty much everyone who ever lived !)

And so, with respect, this poem is dedicated to Kimmie Rhodes and to Joe Gracey.

Echo Bay

Out walking

We made a cairn

Of Cretan rocks.

Small pebbles placed

In memoriam for those


Loved and lost.

In the place we made it,

Reached by a red earthed, goat dusted track

Ghosted by myrtle green shadows

Greeted by the tiniest yellow wilded flower

Whilst sea and sky unfolded

Bolts of celestial blue

Cloud cleared and cotton wool true,

The stony beaches rolled by

Restless waves, seaweeded black.


We stop and stare.

Keys chiming in my pocket

Goat bells ringing.

Echoes from Carningli

Surfed westwards

Sunbeam motes

Globetrotted in the autumn air.

Later on

In the cave dwelling distance

High above ‘Zorba’s’ beach


Last night, and all others beside

A devotional light gleamed

Framed below a gap toothed moon

It’s silver glistened face

Like those of the ones we loved





But, not just yet,

Not just now.

And so,

As they,

It lingered, slightly beyond our reach


2 Comments on “Echo Bay.”

  1. helen carey says:

    A beautiful poem about a beautiful place.

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