Visiting Eirian and Denys

a poem written to celebrate our friendship with these two, truly extraordinary people.

I called by yesterday

To deliver a batch of tomatoes

Our last crop of the year

Vermilion, golden globed jewels.

Eirian took time out from the crossword

And we talked

A little of life and it’s encumbrances

Something too of death and it’s devices,

And the precious quality of being together, today.

Your lives are so enriching

The palette you offer is fulsome , enlightening, enlivening

To eat at your table is to leave full and satisfied

Good humours, great stories, glimpses of the past

Feet firmly in the present

That’s your gift to us.

You’ve embroidered your talents into the very fabric of life.

Sculpted pathways for us to travel

Bedecked gardens with parasols and wooden waves

Touched so many people

In so very many ways.

Illustrated, truly, the ‘joy of painting’

Stitched affection into so many hearts

Made glorious artworks

To gladden the days.

Marc Mordey


7 Comments on “Visiting Eirian and Denys”

  1. stew1e says:

    Heart-warming poem, lovely photographs.


  2. A truly beautiful poem drenched with meaning and highly personal significance.


  3. June Mordey says:


    Sent from my iPhone



  4. joymoore123 says:

    Wonderful poem Marc


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