Two poems, remembering Andrew (dedicated to Janet, and all the family).

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Andrew died a year ago today, after a long and harrowing illness. He was 43. He loved kite surfing, and was a great, green fingered gardener.

We all miss him.

These poems were written on the night of his death. And they are in honour of his memory.

A vigil (for Andrew)

In the still of midnight

As November closed the door

And moonlight silvered the new born

December night skies

I lay awake

Half listening to

Gregorian plain chant



I could only think about you

Wishing you

Willing you

Safe passage on this

your fateful journey

Knowing that

In the morning

Granted that we should see


Ever startling sunrise

Our being alive

Must feel


As if it was



“I have slipped the surly bonds of earth”

There’s a garden here

Fat with beetroot, leeks, peas and tomatoes

Dripping with the scent of sweet peas

Michaelmas daisies, wallflowers and foxgloves

Bursting skywards.

I’ve tended them well,

Worked this good earth

And loved it too

But now

Must leave.

For the winds are rising

Sending sand scurrying

Whale blowing gouts of foam

caressing Cat Rock

Surf scudding

The sea is greeting


The great kite sail unfurled

I’m ready

Psyched up, Adrenalin fuelled and eager

Holding steady


Hearts eased and alive

Taken up

Fast flung skywards

The beach unfolding below

The waves unwrapping

And I’m soaring

Aloft where the gulls, oyster catchers, osprey make flight

Breath taking and beautiful

Exhilaration beyond delight.

There was a time


I’d return

To all that’s best

But now

I fly,

Unfettered, uncaring



Splitting the sunset



Set loose and

Free as a bird


Heading into the West.

Marc Mordey 1st and 2nd December 2020

Photo by Helen Carey. For her nephew.

2 Comments on “Two poems, remembering Andrew (dedicated to Janet, and all the family).”

  1. Liz Wilson says:


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  2. helen carey says:

    Such lovely poems. A beautuful tribute to Andrew. 💛


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