Brexit blues, November 18l

They seek it here

They seek it there

An elusive answer

Maybe even a prayer…

For some


For others



Or so it seems

There’s them


Who just don’t care.

A 100 years before

Europe completed a War

But some, dared to dream


(Beyond passports and borders

Economics, migration

Project Hope and Project Fear

Leave or Remain

The results unclear)

Of a time and a passion

Where all people could fashion

A desire to end up


The same destination.

Whatever your politics

Your strength of conviction

The things that you value

Your own inclination

Let’s hope that our leaders

Can find some contrition

And guide us towards

A reunited state

An undivided, egalitarian

Non sectarian


Oh my!

A Nation….

But despite these views

I’m afraid to say

(Judged by the news

Speculation, analysis

Guesswork, bad temper

Reasoned debate

Irrational hate)


after day

after day

We are all headed for

The Brexit Blues.

I can only trust

That, we don’t end up

With a terminal case

Of national paralysis.


The Bunuel Martini

I had the pleasure and privilege recently of meeting up with Stewart Bartlam, a long standing friend of Helen Carey. Stewart and I have got to know each other well, in the virtual world, and I have become a great admirer of his poems.

And now he has released a book, ‘The Bunuel Martini’. And we have got a copy. And I can unreservedly say that there are some very fine poems within.

I/you/we can buy it from Amazon or order it in book stores. 

And Stewart can be found at

Please do try his poetry – I feel sure that you will like it. A lovely man, an excellent writer.

In Crete we dreamed in blue

We had a holiday in Crete a little while back. The sea and sky were as blue as can be. The greens were equally intense. The kingfisher combined all these colours. The sunsets bled into the sea.

Helen and I met on a Greek Island, Kythira, when she was teaching creative writing. I was one of her students…I came home with the First Prize.

Helen Carey, this one’s for you.

(Oh! And hats off to Homer too! And a muted apology to the writer of ‘Grease’) 


It’s autumn

But in Crete the leaves are not yet falling

And I’m bursting with life

Olive grove glad

Back Home

In the land of the Iliad

We are here

Our 18th year

Greece, the landscape

Soaked in ancient Sage

Washed with Thyme

History beyond belief

And the nearly new

That’s me and you.

In our spring

Kythera was King

Oleander lit the way

Winding down dusted tracks to

The azure blue, Kapsali bay,

Hora above, gleaming alabaster white

In our autumnal , peacocked Crete

Kingfishers dripping jewels in flight

Across the Lake at Agir

Turtles stroke the tranquil waters at Koumas

Now, in the dream dented, honeyed night

My Cretan Queen whispers

Impish delight

“Greece is the word”

And I heard

And I heard

And I heard….


St Helena and other news – an update from Helen Carey (and an outstanding opportunity)

via St Helena and other news 

Just to make clear, this is a re-posting from Helen’s blog : so the I is, in fact, Helen (not me!) 

Hello everyone,Picture from top of Carningli

Greetings from sunny Pembrokeshire! I just wanted to thank you all again for your interest in my books. Over the last few months I have received an overwhelming number of kind messages and comments. It really is wonderful to know that my Lavender Road characters have brought so much pleasure to so many people! Thank you also for the wonderful reviews. If there are any of the books which you haven’t yet reviewed, and if you have the time or inclination, then it would be great if you could pop a few words and star ratings onto my books on Amazon or Goodreads sites, or indeed any other book sites you might use. It all helps enormously. And if you fancy a writing holiday on the remote island of St Helena, then it would be lovely to see you there – see below!

And now, here is the latest news from HELEN CAREY BOOKS:

  • All the Lavender Road books are now out in paperback in the UK.
  • THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET and the four preceding novels in the Lavender Road series are now available in paperback in the USA. The sixth and final book, VICTORY GIRLS, will follow in December this year.
  • All the audio versions are available from AUDIBLE in the USA, and as CDs from Ulverscroft / ISIS Soundings publishing, and libraries in the UK.
  • I am delighted to have been invited to be one of the inaugural tutors for a creative writing week on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic next May. The course will be a week long and will be suitable both for new and more experienced writers alike. The other tutor will be Louis de Bernières, of Captain Corelli fame. This is an amazing opportunity for participants to focus on creative writing with two very different authors in a remote, idyllic setting. For further details see the flyer below.

All best wishes,

Helen Carey

st helena

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Echo Bay.

There’s a small, family gathered stone cairn on the mountain side of Carningli, in West Wales, where we often go to commune with the elders.

Whilst in Crete, we created an echo. We have been staying in a small, serene and very beautiful landscape in a place called Stavros, where the famous scene from Zorba the Greek, when Anthony Quin and Alan Bates dance on the beach, was filmed. We’ve walked along the hillside most days. This poem comes from that place.

Also on this holiday, I read the beautifully crafted, elegiac memoir, ‘Radio Dreams’ , which I recommend to all who have ‘ loved and lost’ (which is, I suppose, pretty much everyone who ever lived !)

And so, with respect, this poem is dedicated to Kimmie Rhodes and to Joe Gracey.

Echo Bay

Out walking

We made a cairn

Of Cretan rocks.

Small pebbles placed

In memoriam for those


Loved and lost.

In the place we made it,

Reached by a red earthed, goat dusted track

Ghosted by myrtle green shadows

Greeted by the tiniest yellow wilded flower

Whilst sea and sky unfolded

Bolts of celestial blue

Cloud cleared and cotton wool true,

The stony beaches rolled by

Restless waves, seaweeded black.


We stop and stare.

Keys chiming in my pocket

Goat bells ringing.

Echoes from Carningli

Surfed westwards

Sunbeam motes

Globetrotted in the autumn air.

Later on

In the cave dwelling distance

High above ‘Zorba’s’ beach


Last night, and all others beside

A devotional light gleamed

Framed below a gap toothed moon

It’s silver glistened face

Like those of the ones we loved





But, not just yet,

Not just now.

And so,

As they,

It lingered, slightly beyond our reach

To err is human, to Arr is pirate

My last post was a sad one…but there will (I hope and trust) always be room for happiness too.


It’s International Talk Like A Pirate day…what other reason do I need?! Greetings me hearties!