Canadian rapture : captured. A song of celebration.

We got married, 7 years ago today, at Elk View Lodge in Fernie, Canada, with Mary Jane Leppard officiating and John, Min, Katryn and Gwyn to cheer us on! And then our great friends, Donna and Murray, who were there in Calgary, alongside my mum, to greet us and toast our good fortune.

This is by way of a thank you to them – but most of all, to my lovely Helen.

Our wedding day  view

Our wedding day view

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It was our wedding day and
in the moon capped, early morning light,
the one I love the best,
I watched you sleep,
your blue bandana streaking your rest.
Pretty in pink
and pillowed breathing.
Wedding day dreaming?

No stags, nor hens, the night preceding,
but two humming birds milked the late night scents.
Later, great horned owls, two again,
ghost winged past us,
a stately proceeding through the pines.
It all made sense,
these avian blessings.
You and I, entwined.

The sunlight cracked the morning mountains,
and on the day, the view
emboldened us once more.
The jagged, lizard spine bowled us over,
bouldered beauty abounded.
Under oath, you took me,
and I you.
And we were proud,
to be so
Overhead, two eagles soared,
testimony perhaps?
Promises, destinies, futures,
tried, tested, assured.

Later that day,
waxwings flashed across an emerald coloured lake,
a woodpecker belted out a treetop drumbeat.
We paddled gently, made no mistake
and made a wedding breakfast
in British Colombian heat.

Driving back, Calgary bound,
a pick up truck split the prairie side
streaming a dust dirt cloud.
Bluebird boxes decorated our journey.
We revelled in the wedding day drive,
fulfilled, enriched
and proud.

Time moved on,
birds, holidays, all took flight.
We are in a different place
but find ourselves
happy, still
fat and full
wedding day delight.

canada emerald lake