Two rabbits – a poem of 9/11

This poem was written not long after the events of 9/11. I cannot think of how to describe the emotions and the aftermath of that day without cliche, but these words came from the heart and stand a test of time, I feel?

Two rabbits. 

Two rabbits,

oblivious to

two towers tumbling

and thousands of

subsequent oblivions.

Sometimes we forget

that telegraph poles

were once trees,

and that great civilisations,

and their emblems,

never lose their capacity to lose their dominion

and be brought,

awesomely, abruptly,

to their knees.

In the sands at Bournemouth

Someone has scraped a name –


I hope it was the work of a lover.

For we must remember,

That love’s constancy

aims to please.


we are all but as rabbits,

caught in the twin beams of headlights

and impending oblivion.