this is a really good article and thanks for sharing it Best wishes Marc

Whose Shoes? A catalyst for change in health and social care


It is amazing how a single tweet can capture your imagination… and that is exactly what happened here. I invited Ela to tell us more.

Thank you Ela for providing yet another wonderful guest post for this “in my shoes” series, looking at dementia from different perspectives. I was spellbound by this story.
I hope you are too…

Seeing beyond the image – using photographs to help care staff develop a better understanding of their clients

Any nurse will tell you, there are some patients you never forget. For me one of those patients was Tom Wood. I remember Tom not because he was extraordinary, but because he wasn’t. I can’t forget him precisely because I so very nearly did. I forgot he was a living, breathing person, with a pre-illness life, a family and a past. I forgot about what he could bring to our working relationship and instead…

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